it’s hard to get really enthusiastic about the magic kingdom. i’ve been there enough that even the coolest stuff seems kind of old. also, the place is packed with small children and is always aggressively hot, no matter what the actual temperature. the place just feels more like a theme park than the rest of disney. as the epicenter of the most magical place on earth, i have to say, it’s losing its luster somewhat.

epcot, on the other hand, is picking up steam hardcore in my book. past 5 o’clock, the place becomes party central. every country around the world showcase (and there are at least 12) serves a variety of its local alcohols. disney is encouraging you to get drunk. along with this more “adult” tinge comes wave after wave of partially clothed college girls, giggling as they sip a giant margarita from mexico. it’s a pleasant change from the screaming/crying scenery at magic kingdom. i must note, though, that not being 21 continues to suck. my mom keeps offering me tastes of the beer or wine beverages she is currently tasting. i continue to politely refuse.

sidenote: epcot also has the best fireworks display ever. of course, the fireworks are augmented with music, lights, lasers, giant lcd globes, water effects and actual honest-to-goodness fireballs, so competition is unlikely to even come close to rivaling its standards.

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