there’s a new ride at mgm based on toy story that incorporates 3D, gunplay and moving cars. it’s mostly a “midway” with ring toss and target shooting. but it’s also very much awesome. the future of disneyworld attractions is kind of totally thrilling. now they just need to cut out the crap, like the neighboring prince caspian attraction that was almost entirely an extended trailer for a shitty movie that came out a year ago.

i saw some very attractive females at downtown disney this evening. the warm evening air made me miss the parties of welcome week, when everyone was dressed to impressed and down for getting drunk. someday, someday, i’ll come here with people my own age and we will have fun. i’m absolutely sure of it.

mgm – or should i say “disney’s hollywood studios,” as it has been renamed now that mgm is defunct – closed early tonight due to the fact that a corporation bought out the park for the evening. we later discovered this corporation to be citibank. ah yes, this recession certainly is crippling. our banking system is practically shot, why not blow the rest of the wad treating the employees to a night at disney? our waitress informed us that disney only sells out the park to events for 10,000 or more people. god damn.

we arrived for dinner at the brown derby at 7, as our reservation foretold. we had the night wrong, but we didn’t figure this out until after they had awkwardly seated us, noting that technically they had been closed for 45 minutes due to the park shutting down early. oh. cool. having worked at a restaurant, i understood how absolutely awful we were being, forcing them to keep the kitchen open late. fortunately, there were a few other people around to lessen my pain. i just hope the wait staff didn’t spit in our food.

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