i keep not updating. it’s so much fun, i almost did it again tonight. but i got weak-kneed at the last minute and so here we are. i guess i’ll finish up florida first.

it was hot.

i probably mentioned that before, but it was really the defining factor of our vacation. just the awareness of warm air. that was probably the singular fact that made it an actual vacation. it’s 50 out here in michigan and that’s supposedly “nice.” yeah. right! the last two days were pretty hectic, jumping from park to park. we finished off epcot on wednesday, then hopped over to hollywood studios at night for their fireworks show. since the park had closed early the previous night, it was open late for us, allowing several more rides on the popular attractions. score! thursday began at magic kingdom, then finished at epcot. we entered the park ten minute before it closed just to catch one last fireworks show. we incorrectly adjusted for the wind and received a face full of smoke and hot ash. but it was still good.

our flight the next morning was at 8am, meaning we would have to get up at 430, according to my dad. the hotel was very helpful, setting off some kind of alarm at just past 1, waking everyone up to terrifying robot voices and sirens. they turned it off shortly after with no explanation. the following day was, therefore, quite long. brandon, cam and i watched role models in the evening and i felt it was probably time for bed. but then brandon suggested we do a group brainstorming session for cam’s movie, which sounded like fun. then drew and tricia arrived. then tyler, kara and a bunch of his friends showed up and started drinking (heavily). then some girls we didn’t know walked in the front door. then it was 1 in the morning, i was still awake, and tyler’s super-drunk friend was letting me know that the blonde really “wants it” and that if i’m up for it…nudge, nudge. i decided to go to bed at that point.

saturday we watched the spartans lose (sigh) and went out to dinner. directly after dinner, a few people came back with us and we played beer pong. i was doing pretty well, enough so that everyone was talking up my skills and making me seem like the one to beat. it was kind of exciting. i took that confidence to another party later on, where i continued to do well at beer pong – farrr too long into the night. after the last game, when i stumbled into my house, i abruptly realized just how drunk i was. this morning, i re-realized just how drunk i had been, suffering a monumental hangover all day. it briefly went away in the afternoon as i sat outside in the sun, but it raged right back after dinner, much to my disappointment. my mom brought over a lasagna for dinner and we took the coffee table outside to dine upon our meal in full view of the neighborhood. it was delicious.

we need two roommates for next year, if anyone’s interested. we got a response online from some cute girl (at least, facebook is leading us to believe she’s cute) who seemed to think our house sounded PERFECT :), so that’s kinda random/cool/weird. i guess our ad was pretty good.

“Awesome roommates needed to fill two rooms in a seven-bedroom party
house from August 2009 – August 2010. Must enjoy doing fun things with
sweet peeps.

House has a bar and tons of space, but we keep it sorta nice. Super
close to campus, in the scenic Cedar Village district. Ample parking,
hardwood floors, and your own bedroom!

Current occupants are interesting and likable men with some cooking skill.

Address is 217 River St. Men and women are welcome to apply. Please
message or call 989.293.7251 to arrange a visit or an interview.”

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  1. March 16, 2009 at 6:17 pm

    i’d totally call to arrange an interview, but i’m signing a lease this week. would be fun, though!

  2. March 16, 2009 at 6:46 pm

    awww. our lease is probably better!

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