it’s been a strange week. since tuesday was worth at least two weekends of parties (and wednesday pretty much didn’t exist), by the time thursday rolled around i was ready for a fresh week of school. but no – it was the weekend. consequently, i haven’t had a particularly party-riffic time these past few evenings. thursday was spent playing poker until 3 in the morning and watching the lion king stage production. poker was an amusing, if time-consuming, way to lose five dollars. i kept pushing $100,000 buy-ins since i was down to my last few chips and, fortunately, people were willing to follow my lead. but then, finally, i was out, and drew and steve played the last two hours methodically. the lion king musical was significantly more fast-paced, but i felt that the most it had going for it was the visual style. not to say it was lacking in any way – the style points it racked up were off the charts. i guess i’m just not so big into stage shows when they’re not interlochen productions. who knows!

friday was ridiculously busy. we had a potential roomie for next year visit in the afternoon, so the morning was spent deep cleaning. the roomie (a girl!) was cute and nice and smiley, which were all plusses. she didn’t seem to have any big issues with the way we live our lives (ie, half-geek, half-party animal), another plus. and she seemed totally interested in living here, which is a plus since we’re kinda desperate. so that was good. after that, there was just a little time for party planning before i had to head off to olive garden for a ground floor surprise dinner thing. we were encouraged to dress up, so i donned all the black in my closet – oxford shirt, vest, velvet suitcoat, black pants, black hat…white shoes. i even borrowed ian’s pocket-watch and took along my wad of cash. i was like a youthful member of the italian mafia. since we were forced to wait almost an hour to be seated, we wandered the nearby mall for a while and i basked in the strange looks. the meal was decent, but i forgot my leftovers, something i am still regretting to this very minute.

i returned from dinner to find my housemates setting up a keg (good!), but not having cooked up a batch of apple pie (bad!). fortunately, i strong-armed the latter into effect, since that juice concoction directly corrollates to party profits. that evening was no exception, with barely a keg and a half used, and less than a quarter of the rum or vodka…but at least seven apple pie fifths were downed. excellent. the party itself was perfectly fine. i was never very drunk, a conscious choice after tuesday’s psuedo-blackout (i remembered surfing down the street in a shopping cart two mornings afterwards). i would have been able to converse with more nice girls, but a constant stream of crises kept me unfortunately busy. at the end of the night, though, a pair of cool chicago girls hung around for almost an extra two hours, just chatting me up in the living room. it was really pretty neat, if only i hadn’t been so sleepy. i’ve accumulated maybe 12 hours of sleep over this weekend total.

saturday night, our block held a handful of parties, but i was just too tired to bring myself to go out. sighh. repeatedly from 3 to 5 in the morning i was re-awoken by the house next door blasting music. it was fine when they were doing it during the day, and the evening, and even part of the night! but 5 in the morning? and it was shit like “tubthumping” too, teeth-clenching music. so i went downstairs, grabbed the house bat, and wandered next door. fortunately, i didn’t need to use the bat for anything, as they kindly acceded to my wishes, but it was nice having that intimidation factor. i felt real big!

michigan state is in the sweet sixteen. that’s the big cool news of today. i think i have them going all the way in my bracket, which was probably an unrealistic choice, but i don’t think i would be a true fan otherwise.

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