according to facebook, everyone loves it when i get drunk. i mean, my st. patty’s day status updates were by far the most commented on in my facebook lifespan. just this evening, i posted “getting drunk for no discernible reason” and four people liked it! it’s like i’m being encouraged towards alchoholism. this is so cool. finally, a decent reason to drink – so my facebook friends will “like” it.

it sucks that it’s not doing that spring thing here yet. it’s trying, trying the best its damn tiny mind can, but it’s just not amounting to much. i want to go outside without a jacket, please. it also sucks that girls exist and make me, therefore, struggle to exist, but that’s not a huge concern really. i keep reading, watching the sopranos and playing video games – i survive. right now i’m probably going to brush my teeth and conk out for the night. that’s called surviving too.

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