im still trying to write a cthulhu poem. i punched out a portion of another one, but it still just doesn’t feel right. i don’t think i can do cthulhu proper poetic justice.

unicorns, on the other hand. that i can do.

this weekend was fairly awesome, being book-ended by terrific msu basketball victories. i am absolutely elated that we are in the final four. next weekend is going to be big. i hope there are more parties/events than this weekend, which was pretty slow. it didn’t help having ian remind me how bored he was every ten minutes or so. i mean, i wasn’t bored because i had books to read and video games to play, but it was dragging me down nonetheless.

thursday night a few of us saw an advanced screening of adventureland. it was decent, but not the best film in that genre of “awkward teenage romances,” probably because it focused heavily on the romance part and less on the hilarity. the two main characters weren’t actually funny, an important piece of the puzzle that someone forgot. kristen stewart was a babe, though. i definitely want to see twilight now. next week is an advanced screening of observe and report, which i far more excited about.

saturday evening we fired up the grill and made burgers. it was the first time that both the grill and the hamburgers worked without a hitch. a pretty momentous occasion. everything tasted about a million times better. in the evening, we had a little wine, made balloon animals and watched beerfest. i admired the party across the street, noting that it was their third night in a row of having slutty females adorn their front railing. ah, to be bacchanalian. although, i guess he probably would have featured young boys as well.

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    March 30, 2009 at 10:58 am

    and fair flesh for feasting

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