i turn 21 in a week. actually less, since we’ll be celebrating monday night. it’s pretty weird. i’m not all that excited, since i’ve been 21 since freshman year, more or less. i guess now i’ll just be able to buy for myself. whatever.

i do have to go get a new license. probably shouldn’t forget that. tomorrow. definitely tomorrow.

this weekend looks jam-packed with activities. thursday: observe and report, then beer pong tourney (for which i am now frantically practicing – bleu haus must place well!). friday: casino night at the hockey rink (endless free chips, raffle prizes, definitely not going to be sober). saturday: msu plays, riots no matter what, if i’m not too scared there’s a party at spoelstra’s.

busy busy. good thing my classes aren’t too taxing. screenplay and poem, sometimes do the reading. that’s how pretty much every week looks. i guess i’ll have to write an honors option paper sometime, and maybe another one or two. i should probably look into that, get it done ahead of time. i imagine once i’m 21 i’ll never be sober again. right guys, right? alcoholism for life!

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