after a number of excursions, i think i’ve firmly come to the conclusion that bars are simply not for me. i don’t know enough 21-year-old girls to attend with, thus i am forced to attempt to “pick up” chicks, since that’s what all the other douche bags seem to be doing. unfortunately, i am not a high caliber douche bag. i am merely a pretender. so i stand, admiring the handsome ladyfolk, entirely cogniscent of how i could pick them up, but equally unable to enable such an action. moral of the story: i need to know more sluts, i guess. someone pick up on that.

after watching the dark knight with ian, anoche, brad and joe showed up. we had a few drinks, ate some mcdonalds, then entered the party across the street. wednesday night, i wasn’t about to attempt to sleep with the jams blasting across the street, especially after a few drinks. surprisingly, everyone welcomed me incredibly warmly, as if i were a long lost brother. eventually, joe and i won several beer pong games while watching the attending hot slurts dance impossibly well with the indie/emo boys who just wanted to grind up ons. a better experience than the bars, somehow, even though i still couldnt pick up chicks.

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  1. Anonymous
    August 8, 2009 at 9:48 pm

    so when was the last time you got some ass?

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