we made it to chicago. it was not the most pleasant drive. sage turned the wheel over to me after a few peaceful hours of easy country driving, just in time for heavy-rain driving/downtown chicago rush hour driving. when attempting to exchange drivers, sage inadvertantly used the on-ramp for another highway, thus getting us a tad bit lost for a while. i followed some signs all over southern michigan until, miraculously, we were back on i-94. i also drifted on the on-ramp. my skills are great!

tricia was kind enough to put us up on friday night. we played scrabble and later some drinking games. sage and steve got pretty blasted – those kids know some crazy-ass card games. saturday we woke up relatively early, brains suffering, and headed off to a softball game. steve actually played with tricia’s team, leading them to a resounding defeat. we went at got some food at a greasy spoon after that. really, the most excellent place – anywhere that allows you to choose your own burger toppings from a subway-style set-up get rockstar bonus points in my book. especially they have crazy skilled mexicans doing all the work. hunger assuaged, we took the el downtown. it was approximately 8000 degrees, so wandering through sunny millenium park wasn’t the best, but there was lots of new stuff to admire. michigan ave was considerably cooler, thanks to the air conditioning blasting from all the stores.

nicks apartment was our final destination. it’s pretty ok, i guess. we didn’t get gang-banged or anything, although some shifty gang members did eye us as we wandered out to get some chicago deep dish pizza. the pizza was worth it though. mostly we just played magic all night. can’t complain there. soon, we’ll be heading to the train station, carrying our enormous, heavy bags across the city. should be a blast.

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