i should never have said that my two vices are “women and alcohol.” alcohol i can handle, but women are just wayyy too strong. i’ve been fucked up all week on a girl and it’s not showing any signs of letting up. mostly just confusion and delusion, but also a good deal of hurt. not really my favorite sensations by any means. and, unfortunately, when i mix women and alcohol together, the booze just makes the women part more painful.

i am just a big old box of emo shit. i think a part of me cherishes these moods, since i only get to write like this so often. it really brings out my ability to craft a sharp metaphor. or whatever. make words that spell things good.

here’s the real deal: i feel awfully shitty most of the time, but i dont know what to do about it, so i put on a good front and man up. i am just so confused. that’s all, i guess.

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