i went a weekend more of less not interacting with emily and just getting rip-roaring drunk instead. result: not the best. but instead of focusing on all the downsides, let’s bring in the one positive part so that this blog doesn’t seem like it has risen from the dark, wretched depths of my blackened soul.

saturday i was allowed in red house. i think this was somewhat a desperation measure on ian’s part, since his tailgate really wasn’t picking up and my bleu haus comrades seemed uneager to abandon me. but it was still a nice – if grudgingly given – gesture! hell, he and i almost spoke on several occasions. looks like we’ll be super pals yet.

but that’s not the best part. i had been saying all weekend that i just wanted to play beer pong. post-football game, instead of wallowing in the misery of those last two seconds, i decided to follow through with my dream of running a table. so sam bidoof and i called dibs on next in red house’s basement and damn it if we didn’t win nine games in a row. at first i thought sam was just joking when he made that claim, but i looked back at the list and, well, we did some serious damage. admittedly, it was mostly versus freshman teams, but there were also some real competitors in there. i guess i finally accomplished a small victory after a week that felt like ten years worth of losses. i walked back to bleu haus all smiles that night.

small victories, man.

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