turns out i had no idea that getting into law school was big deal. i must be incredibly out of touch. my lackluster facebook announcement resulted in a staggering array of congratulations from people i haven’t spoken to in years – or haven’t spoken to at all! i hate to admit it now, but msu law was definitely just a backup plan. not to say i had a real plan, but law school was just something to do that i knew i could accomplish. it sort of sets me back to realize i really am that self-confident. my only concern about law school was what level of scholarship i would achieve. i’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to everyone who tries a lot harder and achieves less. hopefully someday i’ll figure out how to use my smarts productively.

in other news, i’m not longer feeling awful, miserable, bitter, etc. just stupid. really stupid. i need to make a concentrated effort in the future not to make awful decisions, particularly while drunk. jesus.

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