i dont think ive ever updated mid-party before. well, practically post-party, but i’m still playing music and “running the bar.” apparently, these asians just don’t want to leave. i guess drew also doesn’t want to lose at beer pong. a natural concern, considering our piss poor tourney performance. i won three or four games earlier with emily. she was doing the best, i suppose, but it still felt like redemption to me. i’ll take it.

good night, relatively. i didn’t drink very much for once, so that’s neat. just some apple pie, really. party part of the party was still fun, but now i just want to sleep, yet i feel i cant abandon drew to the asians.

several minutes later: played some beer pong, lost, kicked the asians out. didn’t abandon drew, i’m such a hero. i guess. pretty good lunar new year overall. maybe not enough “SEVEN SHOTS VODKA” but i’m accommodating.

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