yesterday was valentine’s day. i spent a lot of it with a girl. not necessarily “on a date,” but a girl nonetheless, which has not happened since 9th grade. so i guess it was an amazing, spectacular, thoroughly superlative valentines. yay!

let’s talk about mass effect 2 for a minute: i re-defeated the original mass effect just yesterday. that game, for me, was mostly just a chance to read about a really detailed, interesting universe. all the action and rpg elements took a backseat. mass effect 2, as far as i can tell, makes the universe even more detailed, gets rid of the rpg stuff and makes the action vastly more interesting. suffice it to say, i had a raging erection most of the time while playing. simply out of control.

i’d also like to note how absolutely stunning and detailed the visuals are. god, just thinking about it is getting me going again. what a game!

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