yesterday morning, i awoke while falling off victoria’s windowseat. this morning, i awoke to find that i was wearing two pair of boxers. these are both very unnatural ways to start off days.

after a thursday night of excessive drinking at crunchy’s, friday was actually super excellent – possibly because i was still pretty drunk until about 3pm. drew and brandon picked me up to go gorge ourselves on indian buffet, but the wait was too long, so we were forced to get menna’s instead. woe! i could probably bathe in buffalo sauce and come out shiny and clean. since the sun was shining, i went back to victoria’s to reclaim that windowseat. so warm and happy and pleasant. delight! i rode around on my bike wearing flipflops. it’s practically springish! in the evening, brandon needed a wingman for the bar and, although tired, i was happy to tag along. harper’s is a relatively mediocre bar – too big and spacious to be a real bar experience. poe showed up and took us along to another party somewhere closer to home. that was the better part of the night, i should think. i ate three slices of bell’s pizza and couldn’t stop rubbing my feet together. also, didn’t puke! so that’s an improvement.

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