hey, how about that not updating for four days thing? pretty swell, right? give you all a chance to breathe.

saturday night a classy party was held at poe and matt byrne’s. it was surprisingly thinly attended, but the few people there were exceptionally cool. ian came! other ian also came. i had invited emily, thinking she might need a night on the town, her having been a bit blue of late. she seemed to enjoy herself (until later), but ian corralled me into beer pong for literally the entire night. i mean, we won, so that’s ok. but i did want to see people, particularly people i invite to such things. ah well. i looked sexy in my circa 2002 knit abercrombie turtleneck sweater. glad i found that in the depths of my closet.

after that, it’s pretty much snow. that’s been the theme of the past few days. winter decided to turn up, now that it’s just about march. pretty logical. it better be fucking warm for st. patty’s, though, that’s all i have to say.

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