vacation thoughts day two:

– that damn toy story ride at hollywood studios is always so busy, but you have to ride it at least twice in a row to really get the hang of it. ugh.

– first ride of the day: aerosmith, acceleration and multiple inversions. better than coffee.

– lost my white sunglasses on star tours. an indoor ride. you know, where you sit down. i guess it rocks around a little bit. there is some motion. regardless, i’m not super happy about that, although i suppose this does mean i won’t feel too guilty buying a new pair. not that i would have felt guilty regardless. i fucking love sunglasses.

– 65 degrees in the sun here is easily warm enough to laze by the pool. and to go in the pool, actually, since it’s kept at about 90 degrees.

– we’ve dined at the brown derby three times now. i’ve had the pork chops once, the steak twice. last time, the steak had butter. this time it was about the size of my palm and had two potato slices. and no saucey-sauce. and we sat next to a chubby, inappropriately dressed 16 year old with a tiny lapdog who she fed table scraps to. it wasn’t exactly a classy evening.

– finally had a decent view of magic kingdom’s fireworks show. still feel like i’ve lost any real definite interest in fireworks. sighhh. another part of my youth, gone.

– there was an impromptu high five festival while waiting in line at big thunder mountain. thanks 15 year old cheerleaders! guh. i hate trying to be outgoing in front of my parents.

– texting people all day has almost made it seem like i brought guests with me to disneyworld. almosttt.

– oscars still seem boring. i hope avatar wins, simply because it rewrote the entire movie industry. hurt locker’s gonna take it though. meh.

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