vacation thoughts day three:

– i have been having weirdest dreams for several nights in a row. i keep waking up out of breath, scared and confused. not even disney has changed that.

– epcot is hands down my favorite park. being able to “walk around the world” really does it for me. but test track, mission space and all the neat “learning experiences” just drive the point home. i’ve come to appreciate disney more for its attention to detail than for specific rides. i’m either getting old and bored or becoming brilliant.

– i guess i enjoy g-forces after all. took a couple years to kick in.

– babes between the ages of 15 and 30 look basically the same to me when lying by the pool. someone who i was sure was 15 will get up and return with a beer. drives me insane. i should really just focus on reading, not people-watching. but my reflective sunglasses make it so easy! i’m a creep.

– here was my plan: have a few glasses of wine, go to dinner at the brew pub and have a hearty ale, hit epcot nicely toasted, maybe buy a drink or two in there, really just enjoy the evening.

– here’s what happened: had a few glasses of wine, drove to boardwalk, dad locked the keys in the car with the car still running. we waited an hour for the locksmith to show up and rectify the problem. waited thirty minutes to get a table for dinner, outside in the cold. didn’t get a beer. went to epcot in time to see a little bit of france and then the fireworks show. still an ok evening, but i wasn’t “nicely toasted.” and all the waiting! there wasn’t even a ride at the end, just the satisfaction of knowing we could turn our car off. sigh.

– also, saw ducks mating. no sign of the corkscrew dick. sigh!

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