vacation thoughts day four:

– my brain’s a little fuzzy after wine, rum and coke, bison steak on a bed of sweet potato and bacon hash, chocolate port and free free free celebrating-your-graduation chocolate cake. a slice the size of my head. all this rich food make me sleepy. good thing we went out on the terrace to watch fireworks. $200, two and a half hour meal’s can be made priceless, i suppose.

– my 52 year old mother can pull off skin-tight jeans. i’m not going to think about this beyond the fact that this bodes well for me genetically.

– animal kingdom is filled with cute critters i just want to love. even the bugs and lizards. foot long millipede? fully disneyfied. i would especially like an owl though. just in case anyone reading this traffics in illegal pets.

– disappointed at the lack of creatures mating. disappointed in the finding nemo musical (sleepytimes). faith restored by expedition everest and, again, the staggering detail that went into the park.

– really, just such a wonderful evening. i can’t express that enough. fireworks are made immensely better by vantage point, a few drinks and the inexplicable feeling of being in the right place at the right time.

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