vacation thoughts day something:

– this place is so tiring. i am pooped. POOPED. and it’s only 10:30. guh!

– tomorrowland is probably my favorite section of magic kingdom. actually, it definitely is. when i was little i didn’t want to leave because it had the coolest dioramas. now it has rides i’m actually interested in going on. plus, the future seems pretty bright according to tomorrowland. if the real future is actually composed of shining steel gears i would not complain.

– for the longest time i thought the guides on jungle cruise didn’t have a script. i miss those carefree days.

– my sunburn becomes pretty distinct by the time i get ready for bed, but is more or less gone the next morning. i like to think i spend my sleeping hours soaking in the excess sun, fueling my tan (and possibly growing hair).

– english food is thick. at least, this is what my stomach is telling me currently. it is saying “holy crap, you did not eat very much quantity-wise, but whatever the hell that shit was, let me just roil it about for a while, see what happens.” it’s like someone is stirring a kettle in my gut. not necessarily a bad feeling, but you wouldn’t want to be downwind of me.

– there were definitely more interesting, but less broad, tidbits that i have now forgotten thanks to eighteen million long hours of forced march. oh welllll i’m sure they weren’t that witty.

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