vacation thoughts day thursday:

– my clothes are still wet, several hours after i took them off and hung them up in the bathroom to dry. turns out that swell coat i bought in park city is not waterproof in the least. florida decided the best time for the most torrential downpour in my memory was when we had to walk from france to our car. for those who don’t know what that means: it’s probably over a mile. in driving rain and wind.

– morning was good! mostly finished up epcot. i bought souvenirs for people, mostly not for myself. that feels good. i’m a giver.

– lunch at the chinese sit-down restaurant was enlightening. you don’t really realize what chinese cuisine can be like until you have good chinese food. take-out is such crap, really. also, hot chai milk tea is officially the shit, if that’s even a term that can be leveraged “officially” anymore.

– had fish for dinner. didn’t succumb to beckoning hand of old man death.

– alice in wonderland – goodness me, what a strange car-wreck of entertainment. i enjoyed it, visually, energetically, but the plot holes were gaping and the dance scene at the end quite nearly ruined the whole damn thing. UGH. troubling, to say the least. the only bit of tim burton in the thing was the paleness of the actresses – each could have rivaled the full moon in terms of light reflection.

– going to disneyworld reminds me of the fact that my family lacks the ability to truly relax on vacation. we have six days here to see four theme parks. easily enough time to do everything without breaking a sweat, probably in four days. but we’re going to take all six. we’re going to fill all six to the fucking brim. this isn’t really a complaint, i guess. just a fact. maybe someday i’d like to relax a little, read a few books, sleep a bit. but i guess i’d feel like i’m wasting my time away from home, since that is all stuff i can just as easily do in my own bed.

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