vacation thoughts yesterday:

– it makes me feel guilty to want to go back home. but it’s springy and
rainy in east lansing and st. patrick’s day is next week. i’ve never
been so excited for a meaningless holiday. if it weren’t coming up so
shortly, i probably would want to stick around here a bit longer, but
as it is, i feel the pull to come home.

– disney vacation club advertised a morning continental breakfast in
their newest hotel, which i immediately hit upon, desiring real
breakfast foods. i figured there might be a little sales presentation,
maybe they’d be playing a video, but we could eat and skip out any
time. turns out it was a full fledged thing. food, sure, but then they put us into groups? for activities?
excuse the italics, but that is not something that i enjoy. in fact,
group activities with strangers for a organization i hardly belong to
is nearly at the bottom of the list of things i would like to do. stuck
it out for about an hour, forced my parents to leave before we had to
go on room tours.

– rainy day at the parks. had to buy ponchos.
did not sit well with me, but i wore one. fortunately, all that was
left to do were indoor rides. we skipped a fair few attractions this
year, but i guess we’ve memorized/outgrown them. magic kingdom, then
monorail to epcot. nothing big or exciting, no g-forces. we probably
should have gone back to mgm at least one more time, maybe taken
advantage of the open-late-for-disney-guests thing. oh well.

– i feel like i need another spring break just to do the relaxing
stuff. instead, all i get is sunday. i really should have worked on my
screenplay this week. i wrote one page in the detroit airport last
saturday and it has since been openly ignored on my desktop.

– overall, i have mixed feelings about this vacation. i feel like i did
a lot of it right, but some of it wrong. not sure what, though. i suspect i
have outgrown a lot of my traditional disney methods and need to
somehow reconcile with that fact. ugh, growing up sucks. peter pan
should be around here somewhere. maybe we can strike up a deal before i

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