I feel bad for professors who choose excellent textbooks. This being the first time that’s occurred in my college career, maybe i should said “professor.” She’s a nice enough teacher, but her rambling oratory is not filtering through my earholes with the same flavor that the my eyes devour the text. It’s unfortunate, but I suppose it does leave me the time to update this ol’ xanga. Been a while, xanga. How you doin’?

I forgot that I don’t typically use uppercase letters. Lowercase was my style back in 2004 when I started this thing, long before it was cool. I’m just sayin’. Maybe being grammatically correct is popular now. Secretly, I hope not, since that’s my achilles heel.

Michigan State won a wicked basketball game yesterday. Three pointer at the buzzer. Noted.

Let’s see. Last Saturday we went to the bars, I think. I’m already forgetting what happened on a broad scheme. Sigh! Ok, yeah, Crunchy’s. People came. We drank a bucket (or two). Mentor Dana was there, we yammered at her about trashing the floor. She seemed relatively ok with it. Yeah, then we made plans to trash the floor Sunday night.

Sunday night we didn’t trash the floor. But we did bring a 30 rack of Red Dawg over and that was quickly consumed. Not a whole lot else beyond that and playing a game of Pokemon, but it was nice to bond with those kids again. I haven’t really been over there in months.

Saint Pat’s was Wednesday. Tuesday night I was so excited I couldn’t sleep. Seriously, some Christmas Eve shit. Absurd (and completely unwanted). I rallied, though, making it through a full day of drinking on four hours sleep. My favorite part was probably how people actually started showing up at 10am and continued to flow in for the rest of the day. Unlike last year, where I had to go find people, we literally partied all day – outside, no less! Brought the indoors out. I call that success. By the time evening rolled around and our party more or less officially started I could no longer focus. I stood on the lawn, glancing in every direction, basically bugging out. It was…uncomfortable, I think, but I don’t really remember it. I just didn’t want the house to burn down.

Key fun things:
– Tyler stabbed a football with a big ol’ knife.
– The neighbors tried to set a couch on fire and instead set their lawn on fire. I didn’t actually see this, but the image in my mind is absolutely hilarious.
– Giving away all our booze for free. Donations resulted in maybe $60, enough to pay back one keg. But boy was it a wonderful feeling to give a person a cup and say, “Keg’s inside” and see their face light up like the sun.

Friday father and I went to the law school for an orientation event. Mock class was fun, doesn’t seem like it would kill me. The other folks are all old and actually interested in law, though. I felt young and weird. Theoretically, if I go to law school I would have to make law school friends. I don’t like that idea of that.

There was a Red House party Friday night, decently attended for once. Saturday we drafted 5000+ Magic cards. Absolutely crazy. It took several hours and I kind of don’t want to look at Magic cards for a while. I guess eventually I’ll have to make some sweet decks. Eventually.

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