transcribed the events of the night onto my arms since my phone died and i couldn’t text anyone. sad? maybe. fortuitous? probably.

first off, i played indoor soccer with “bleu haus couch,” being the first the member of bleu haus to actually play on the team for a game (it was their last game). we got walloped by a team of four plus one of ours. it was super-sad. no one wanted to play mark up or press the ball. a bunch of wimps, really. i got out there and ran my stupid ass off, but then was traded out because we had so many subs. i couldn’t win single-handedly, so we just kind of took it. sigh!

here’s the actual notes:
– sports omg
– lily sleepy
– bike ride!! 🙂
– brad makes unlikely claims
– doritos 1st time in 4eva
– taylor got a pickle
– peach vodka ok
– walking to the bathroom in my socks – memories
– “have you done a car bomb?” “not today”
– heard joe argue
– joe hates 2nd floor
– 5:30 football
– want to wander
– brandon grounded

i’m tempted to explain this tonight, but this experiment is really to test my memory, so i ought to leave it for the morning. in theory, i shouldn’t have even written these down. my forearm could turn out to be entirely illegible upon sober inspection.

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