michigan state heading to the final four – again. i feel like these games aren’t as tense because i saw it all last year. there was more rioting and drinking and partying last year too. all told, this final four thing has been kinda lame. i hope we win it all, mostly just so i can see east lansing blow up again. that’s always hecka sweet.

been a good weekend for the most part. friday night was the sweet sixteen game, which offered the perfect opportunity to pound two 40s and have a gay old time. emily came, so pictures were taken. that’s probably description enough.

more soccer on saturday. i feel like i’m finding my legs again in both how much they hurt the next day and also in terms of my skills with the soccer ball. i scored once! through the goalie’s legs. style points fa’reel.

i need to stop thinking that there won’t be parties on my street on a weekend night, even if its midnight and the place is silent. being woken up after two hours of sleep by several throbbing bass beats and impossibly annoying girl screams is one of the worst things ever.

i feel like i’ve calmed down since st. pat’s. no parties, taking a night (or two!) off on a weekend. absurd! might have something to do with hanging around with emily all the time, but, as it turns out, that is an absolutely all right alternative.

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  1. March 29, 2010 at 9:34 am

    it doesnt take long to learn to tune that racket out!

    your next goal should be made between the goalie’s EYES!

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