chicago is an awfully big city. you dont really realize it until you spend a weekend there without actually entering downtown chicago. between logan square and lincoln park and a whole lot of highway, our memorial weekend roadtrip featured remarkably little of what the normal tourist might consider the windy city.

the four hour drive between east lansing and chicago is typically quite boring. fortunately, we managed to enliven it via a variety of songs. with my speakers causing those in the backseat to go deaf, we throbbed down the highway, ending up, at one point, shirtless and screaming lady gaga at a toll booth. road trip whoooooooo.

nick’s birthday party was packed and full of bicycle-riding, giant-backpack-toting hipsters. GROSS. but a lot of posse was there and we managed to have some sort of epic family reunion. afterwards, we went back to crash in nick’s apartment while he went elsewhere to have sex with his girlfriend (but in actuality, just to pass out LOL). the next day we played some hangover tennis, then watched tyler beat simcity on the snes. he filled the map over the course of the day, despite nick’s protests that he had “just bought a ps3” and that “we should play some of those games.” kind of a depressing day, overall, as we didnt leave the house until nearly 8 to drive to sheila’s. once there, we immediately started drinking and playing the most half-assed game of beer pong. eventually, sheila decided we all needed to get hot dogs. not a bad idea, drunk food is fun. but she kept saying “no no no, you have to be really drunk to go. really drunk.” she also noted that the milkshakes were $20 and that she’d never been there. all in all, not appealing. but brandon was desperate for adventure so he and sheila pounded a half dozen shots and headed out. turns out, the wait staff berates you and a milkshake is actually a black waitress shaking her tits. kinda glad i heard about it second-hand.

the next morning i went to move my car, only to find it completely stuck between two other vehicles. front bumper: 6 inches of space. rear bumper: no space bumpers touching. welcome to chicago! one car moved later and i was saved, but still! scary. after the other drunkards awoke, we went to byrons and got those famous burgers (otherwise, we ate burritos from that place beneath nicks. i have been to exactly two restaurants in chicago over the course of three visits. ugh). then to the dog beach, which was exactly what you would imagine – people and their dogs. all the animals seemed to so happy to be in the water. no barking, no shitting, just good-natured fun. they didnt even smell too bad!

after that we went back to nick’s to trade stuff we had stolen for stuff we had left. nick decided he needed to make out with his girlfriend as opposed to letting us into his apartment (bros before hos!), so we were forced to eat our burritos on some random stoop. the owners came out and introduced themselves before joining us. two polish immigrants who, apparently, had cleaned up the neighborhood some 35 years before. how, you might ask? they brought their families over from poland and stocked up on aks. pretty exciting! they also had a small, but luscious garden and were very interested in politics and ufos. one even encouraged tyler to touch the bullet still stuck in his leg (tyler did). overall, a very interesting pair of racist locals to chat with over a burrito. nick eventually got back, we traded stuffs and drove home in the dark minus singing. sigh.

tyler’s still with us – we’ve been playing rock band 2 obsessively and i’ve re-built two magic decks. it’s like he’s drawing our nerdliness back out. not a huge problem, i suppose – my wall deck is pretty fucking sweet.

also, i almost took a job at a call center, but (thank god) decided against it at the last minute. WHEW.

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