still no job, prospects growing dim. i felt good about aeropostale, since i fit the bill perfectly – prior retail experience and open hours, not to mention they were hiring for five positions. darn. guess i’ll just have to make another giant map this summer. finished the original, by the way. one of those “great achievements in my life,” i guess. i like it well enough, but i think i could do better.

friday night we hit the bars. not a lot for me to do, not on the prowl for women and all, but i made it work by playing wingman for brandon and drew. eventually, some girls pulled into our booth and i struck up a conversation, soon introducing to my friends. the girls then talked to the other two and i slipped home, confident that i had “done good.” then they brought the girls back to bleu haus! on my home turf, i was really sure what to do, but the night was still interesting.

we also went to a chili cookoff friday, 42 different offerings. a little on the crazy side to attempt to try them all. we made it through over half before a storm rolled in and sent everyone home with a fear of funnel clouds. the best chili, for me, was surprisingly from the msu cafs. i do miss the cafs.

saturday evening victoria returned from chiners. surprise! just a few months early. she brought me a fantastically tacky gucci belt which i now wear 24/7, or something close to that. whatever mixed drinks i was swallowing suddenly became strong and i was a bit hammered. wandered through the downpour to michael’s party, then to michael’s house, where we played some drinking game and i wandered home, yet still drunker. at home, i curled up on the couch in a ball and made everyone laugh with my drunken antics. shortly, i was forced into bed, where i feared a massive and terrible hangover the next day. alas! no such luck. i felt fine and went on a home tour instead. turns out, there are nice homes in the lansing region. big ass mansions, no less. huzzah!

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