emily spent the weekend with me in east lansing and now, strangely enough, i’m spending the week with her (and tara) at her place in gaylord. can one get enough emily? i think not.

in the e.l. we made cupcakes (wheeeee!), visited the zoo and drove to ann arbor. the lansing zoo had many nice animals, but it was a rather a sad affair by comparison to real zoos. rundown, half-abandoned, exhibits haphazardly placed with little sensible continuity. perhaps saddest was the large building containing the ‘coral reef exhibit.’ just one small room with six or seven aquariums. sad face! but it was still a fun experience – meerkats are cute! peacocks are horny! a goat tried to eat my shirt! also, my muffler almost fell off on the drive over. EXCITEMENT.

ann arbor was the peak of the weekend, in my opinion. i had no idea that place was so awesome! when i visited u of m, apparently i didn’t drive through anything remotely attractive and toured only the most rundown of buildings. with emily, i discovered a thriving artistic community with an abundance of upscale dining and shopping options, all within convenient walking distance. no less than four distinct shopping/eating areas! and the art museum was magnificent – it looked like something that would be lining the national mall! i was thoroughly enamored. if only it hadn’t been 9.5 million degrees and humid.

here in gaylord things are slightly different. with the parents hanging around, the dynamic of our relationship has changed somewhat – we seem much more quietly in lurv as opposed to ceaseless making out. but that’s ok! it’s kind of relaxing. it’s chill and wet up here, but we’re still planning on visiting traverse city and torch lake in the next few days.

oh, and i did get a job at aeropostale. i went in once to fill out paperwork and will then train on sunday and work the following friday. not quite a job really, more like a hobby? and a weak one at that.

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  1. June 16, 2010 at 2:37 pm

    say hi to my motha for me

  2. June 16, 2010 at 8:43 pm

    I bet they’ll give you at least 3 hours a week! (In 30 minute blocks)

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