i’ve seen two movies in the theaters in the past two weeks. that’s unusually productive for me, at least of late, when i rarely go to the movies because “that’s so high school.” at least, i make that excuse in my mind. also, i’m poor. but when the parents are paying, no problemo!

i saw toy story 3 last week. heartwrenching, but in a good way! i wish i still had toys that i miss, then it really would have hit home. for a second sequel, it really held itself above many cgi first sequels – or even original cgi films, for that matter. while not as good as the first toy story, perhaps, it’ll still be a classic, no doubt. i look forward to seeing it again.

i attended knight and day last night. tom cruise is still charming, if looking a little aged. cameron diaz is still really annoying. the plotline was goofy and non-existent, but the action was fun and explosive and surprisingly amusing. it was, basically, the perfect summer popcorn movie. i enjoyed myself, but i don’t think i need to see it again. people should probably stop hating tom cruise so much. he’s ok! just an actor. whatever.

the highlight of both films should have been, in theory, the trailer to inception. there was no such highlight. really, that’s 50% of the reason why i let my parents drag me to the movies. they saw killers two weeks ago. killers. i was, thankfully, out of town. but i’ll bet that had the inception trailer attached. god damn it.

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