wow, i don’t update for three weeks and the change this whole weblog entry dealie. fills up the whole screen now. i feel like i’m typing out a business report. or maybe that’s just the law school worm, snuggling closer to my brain stem.

i’ve been in school for three weeks. the undergrads just started today. suffice it to say, i’ve been having some difficulty juggling the free-wheeling, carefree lifestyle of a party-hungry youngster and the dead, zombie-like lifestyle of a law school slave. considering i’m still alive and have only skipped one class (fully intentionally!), i guess i’ve done an all right job. law school really isn’t all that different from any other type of schooling, except that i’m actually learning and am spending more than 30 minutes on homework per day. more like an hour or two. ABSURD. i actually did law school work more or less all day today, the plan being to “get ahead.” we’ll see if that actually pans out.

realistically, though, law school doesn’t seem as scary (yet?) as everyone makes it out to be. the classes, while socratic, can be pretty fun. the cases used are generally interesting and the discussion is always intense. these people are into the topic and, surprisingly, know their stuff. it seems like half the class came from a strong background in the law, leaving me to feel slightly behind. but the professors, for the most part, seem to be teaching to folks like me, so maybe i’ll catch up sometime.

in sum, i’m probably not going to drop out. i guess that’s what really matters.

welcome week was still a good time, as always, as only msu can do. we spent two nights partying hard with the dorm kids when they rolled back into the town, then took a few nights off (relatively) before throwing the traditional welcome week banger. it was a grand success, in terms of bleu haus parties: nothing stolen, nothing puked on, lots of (freshman) babes, profit! plus, the bar was insanely stocked beforehand, leading us to come up with some fantastic new drinks. i suppose my favorite part of the night would have to be when brad and i were shirtless behind the bar and a pair of girls absolutely insisted on getting their picture taken with us. celebrity! i hope, through the mysterious and intangible series of tubes that is facebook, those girls are somehow able to tag me.

i should also note that, unsurprisingly, the new kids are fitting into bleu haus just fine. brandon and i seem to have somewhat of a house primacy, but that’s already beginning to diminish. which is good! i think. everyone seems pretty insistent on keeping the house clean, a theory that only the brand new semester of school can bring into being. we’ll see how long it lasts. instead of playing magic (which i miss), we seem to be playing halo, having 3 xboxes, 2 with live accounts. brings back some memories, generally fond.

that one girl with the dragon tattoo book was real boring. it kept me reading, somehow, but i wouldn’t recommend it. also, american psycho was fucked up. and i’m about to beat puzzle quest – finally. there, now i’ve discussed pretty much everything that this blog is for: partying, classes, books, movies, video games. hopefully i won’t go another 3 weeks without updating. so much is happening!

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  1. September 2, 2010 at 7:32 am

    you better update before friday because you wont be able to type ANYTHING for at least a month after im done with you

  2. September 6, 2010 at 9:05 pm

    Sounds painful and delightfully sexual.

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