sage did show up last weekend, and although he promised to (possibly) cut my limbs off so i wouldn’t be able to update, he didn’t have the nerve. so here i go, updating freely.

friday night, sage procured 3 pizzas and 30 pbrs and encouraged everyone in the region to partake in his bounty. his sister and her boyfriend even showed up! they seemed moderately terrified of sage, but several beers and gin and tonics mellowed them out nicely. soon they were shooting darts and playing quarters with us! it was a festive evening, to say the least. a grand noisy welcome back for sage.

saturday was the weekend for me, more or less. woke up and started drinking around 8. although i had been invited to a “real” tailgate somewhere over in the tennis courts, the fact that people started showing up at our door more or less meant the tailgate was going to be on the front lawn. i got my speakers blasting up and down the street (even drowning out the neighbors yay) and the red bull girls stopped by to pass out red bull, meaning only one thing – two rounds of jager bombs! huzzah! the football game was very drunk, as i am now realizing, based on my limited memory of the proceedings. afterwards, i ate (a lot). then i rode with sage out to the frolf course to drink more and throw some discs around. unfortunately, the nets had all been taken down for tailgaters, so sage and i sat on an enormous, impressive combine and drank anyway. we had a good talk! very drunk once more, i returned home to more food and people coming over and more drinking and attempting to play magic with threw immensely high individuals and then there was a sweet dance party but my ears were ringing when i went to bed. oh yeah, steve came! and we fixed my speakers! and got noodles with mk! damn, it was a busy day. wow. yeah, so sunday i didnt do much of anything and went to bed early. and monday, i dont know, i guess the same. did not labor, i suppose.

i think this is my last week of law school before i can quit and get my money back. civil procedure alone makes me want to quit, as the professor is heinous. i asked when something was due and he responded with the socratic method. that ain’t right, dude. the other classes are fine, even enjoyable, and the reading isn’t too tedious or terrible. so far, i feel like i’m keeping up. but do i want to do this for three years? am i interested in law yet? not really. it’s likely i’ll stick it out for a semester, just to see how the grades turn out, but i really should apply to some english grad programs soon. that still is where my heart lies, which i suppose is what i’m supposed to follow.

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