when i first watched wall street as a 14 year old, it didn’t make a lick of sense. everyone was talking fast into outdated technology about something that seemed suspiciously like math. naturally, i didn’t like it one bit. upon re-watching it tonight, though, i find myself quite taken. this might just be the liberal arts education in me rising to the surface, but i’m certain that oliver stone put a lot of thought and meaning into the lighting of that film. i could probably write a paper on it, if i weren’t a law student.

sigh. law student 🙁

this weekend was too drunk. that’s happened once or twice before, but it’s been a long time. the party on friday night came after a long week of sobriety, so my body just wasn’t accustomed to the handful of shots it slurped down in an instant. needless to say, i peaked early. but by all accounts, the party itself was a raging success. it didn’t seem as busy as our first, yet we made almost $500 and went through two whole kegs and most of the bar. and yet, no puking (that i could find) and the only oddities were the people having sex on brandon’s box spring and the girl passed out in my bed, despite the door being locked. we also had to unlock the bathroom door from the outside, so we could work a girl passed out next to the toilet down to her waiting friends. everyone was just sleepy, i guess!

the next morning, we all popped right out of bed and had the traditional “stumble around hungover post-party” session. a lot of fun! everyone was just so stoked about how crazy the previous night was. cam and joe made out with girls! brad may have! benji and i certainly did! to continue all these good feelings, we sat down with a box of wine for “who framed roger rabbit?” i haven’t seen that movie in it’s entirety since i was just a wee little lad and, really, i can’t believe my parents had me watch that every night while eating as a three-year-old. no wonder i’m a bit strange. after that old guys showed up – juniors when we were freshman kinda old. they brought beer, etc. requested that we start tailgating. spoelstra brought over a speaker system he bought out of the trunk of a car at a detroit gas station for $100. the sub was absolute shit, but the 5 surround sound speakers were dece. when we later (much later) shattered the subwoofer in the street, bags of sand fell out. those fuckers! as you might imagine, there was a lot of day-drinking, followed by evening-drinking, followed by drinking-during-the-night-game (i poorly decided not to go so i could hang with these dudes). after that i blacked out intermittently. remember telling emily that i was not going to remember anything. remember taking shots. don’t remember nearly falling asleep standing up on several occasions, or taking five shots in a row and ten minutes later reminding emily that i had stopped drinking hours earlier. hmm.

sunday was hell. i have never felt that bad. mid-shower i had full-body muscle spasms – every muscle just locked up, tense and frozen, as waves of numbness spread out of my core. absolutely terrifying. i felt paralyzed! i made it to my bed, naked and wet, and lay there for twenty minutes, calming down. we figured it was due to severe dehydration, which was unfortunate, since my poor stomach wouldn’t even accept much water. hangover lasted to monday, really, and i puked so hard i burst a blood vessel in my eye. it’s super gross.

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