i feel like i’m primarily inclined to update this not when exciting events occur in my life, but when i watch a dumb movie and am surprised by how good it turned out to be. hence: i watched g.i. joe and was astonished to find myself having a wonderful time. the plot is stupid, the characters are lifeless, but it’s just so much fun. i could easily imagine my 7-12 year old self moving those little toys around, concocting some absurd fairy tale easily comparable to the feature film. but with less explosions! i was thrilled!

moving on: emily and i went to chicago this past weekend to visit (deep breath) steve, drew, nick, sage and dan. whew! we met steve in k-zoo and he drove the rest of the way. i dislike not being the driver on long road trips, as i find myself under the impression that if i stop interacting with the driver for one second, just one goddamn second, the driver is going to fall asleep, the car is going to hit a guard-rail, we are going to flip at least three times in the air and will definitely land in a pile of explosive barrels, killing everyone in the car thoroughly. i hate it! i’d rather read or sleep. ugh. anyhow, traffic in chicago blows and is scary, but we got to nick and sage’s apartment eventually, finding everyone playing magic and drinking already. we joined right in, loudly and drunkenly. sage decided we were going to watch uhf, which didn’t go over well, but it resulted in nick bringing us pizza. we then watched beavis and butthead do america and emily fell asleep.

the next day, after much fumbling about, we made it downtown to “take in the sites.” ian’s parents gave us a pass to the art institute, but this backfired since the girl serving us didn’t seem to believe that ian was a doctor. foiled, we wandered down michigan ave, stopping occasionally, but generally just suffering under a blanket of cold wind. our attempt to get pizza and beer also fell flat, as it seemed there was a 45 minute wait at all the pizza joints, despite it being 3 in the afternoon. maybe snack time is the most popular meal in chicago? we eventually decided to just wait it out at pizzeria due and wait we did! forever! overall, it was pretty meh. after getting sage some polos we found our way back home. i wandered with emily briefly around the neighborhood in search of a milkshake (boy, i could use one right now too), but having no luck returned to the apartment. we had a few drinks, watched the ace ventura sequel (childish hilarity! ahhh youth) and life aquatic (still so good) and emily fell asleep.

the next morning i expected to leave early, but, failing that, i ended up playing a solid few hours of uncharted 2. exceptional! such story-telling and depth. it got really hard, though, and when i looked the game up online to see how far i had gotten, i was less than a quarter way through. huh. maybe i’ll play it again someday, but i would most likely just get shot to pieces. crysis was also really hard, but as least i could turn the difficulty down there. it was also pretty great (although murder on my computer). i don’t know why, but it reminded me often of half-life – maybe the character models? nowhere near as exceptional, of course, but a really decent time.

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