i didn’t take two weeks off from updating out of ignorance, merely traveled to disneyworld, where internet takes a backseat to FUN ALL THE TIME FOREVER. the week pretty much blends into one long day of walking after a little while, so i guess here are my vague and varied remembrances:

– i could probably live in florida. i finally decided that this trip. i’m always certain i could live in disneyworld (just rent out a hotel room permanently), but outside of the happiest place on earth florida looks pretty flat and barren. but this time, maybe my mind was extra-addled by the long, cold michigan winter, i don’t know, it just seemed like a decent place. all around, i mean. in my mind, there just doesn’t seem to be anything better than the ability to soak in the pool every goddamn afternoon.

– we spent a lot of time around the pool(s). the clown at the boardwalk pool consistently spooked emily. i heard the cha-cha slide and the cupid shuffle almost every day thanks to the “poolside fun squad.” those little kids just couldn’t get enough vocally choreographed dancing – may they rot in hell. i want those songs to go away forever.

– we spent the most time in epcot, as usual. took about four separate trips to complete the park. emily claimed it was her favorite, taking after my own heart. i could meander around the world showcase every day and not get bored.

– we knocked off animal kingdom in five hours,  a new land-speed record. even went on some rides twice! the 8am opening was the game-changer, i suppose, although waking up at 6:30am was pretty harsh on our tender young bodies. emily in particular seemed a little burned out after the longer days. 8am-5pm in magic kingdom, then dinner in mgm followed by a handful of rides and the fireworks show there – that’s a brutal schedule. we probably could have planned a little better. but that would have meant less afternoon pooltime no doubt. SUCH CHOICES WE MUST MAKE.

– did i mention how packed the parks were? the early openings were definitely a necessity to escape the crush of humanity. someone somewhere offhandedly mentioned that the east coast schools had spring break early this year, so that might have had some effect. i blame louisiana and its stupid mardi gras, which, for some reason, sent the state’s entire population to orlando, florida. just about every other person was wearing lsu or new orleans saints swag. it got quite ridiculous after a while. who has that much school-spirit apparel? i have two, maybe three, msu shirts and i am loathe to wear them for fear that someone will point at me from afar and yell, “GO GREEN!” as my dad so often does for other msu-clothed persons. it’s a deep-seated fear.

– the weather cooperated admirably, providing only one morning of rain, which wasn’t a huge hassle since it also meant one morning of relatively low tourist bodies to have to thrust through. there was also an evening of thunderstorms, which looked quite spectacular from our balcony. i dare say that was emily’s favorite part!

– one evening, we looked up to see a “shooting star” descend  behind a building. it was shortly after sunset, not too many stars out, but this was a fairly sizeable fireball angling towards the earth. i think it may have been the space shuttle discovery coming in for a landing. swift!

– i bought an indiana jones expanded universe novel, since you can only really get those at disneyworld anymore and i’ve always wanted to read one. turns out, i bought the absolutely worst of the series of twelve. amazon.com reviews confirmed this with a scourge of 1 star reviews. ugh! my least favorite part of the week.

– my grandpa died last friday, i believe. we toasted him at dinner. he was a pretty nice guy, for the few years that i was aware of his existence. a little discombobulated, but in that grandfatherly sort of way. i hope casey is handling his passing well – she did always seem to be the more together of the pair. i’m sure she’ll keep right on trucking.

– vacationing with emily was, by and large, a  thrill. i look forward to doing it someday at a less neutered vacation spot and not with my parents in tow (although they weren’t a problem at all, it should be noted!).

– maybe i’ll remember more tidbits as the week continues. st. patrick’s day on thursday – probably my last as a “college” student. sigh! after this, the holiday will return to it’s place in my mind as “have-to-wear-green” day. also, i was accepted to the masters in english program at msu, which comes as a huge surprise. i was told, while turning in my application, that the program was essentially being shut down and i wouldn’t be accepted (no chance!)unless i begged the program director to let me in. i did no such thing, figuring it wouldn’t be worth my time, and pretty much forgot about the application until sunday when i read that i had been accepted and that professors were eager to work with me. well! guess i’ll start looking into grad schools again.

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  1. March 14, 2011 at 8:33 pm

    1,2 or 3 hotel rooms? wooOOOOooOoeww

  2. March 15, 2011 at 4:13 pm

    just 1 one, not even a bed! orgy on the floor if you know what i mean and i think you do boiiiiii

  3. March 19, 2011 at 12:19 am

    Pix or it didn’t happen.

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