heads up: i’ve been invited to epic’s world headquarters in madison, wi for a job interview. they’re flying me out, putting me up in a fancy hotel downtown. this is the kind of shit that i imagined only brilliant engineers like jason would be offered. so, personally, i’m thrilled. also personally, i’m terrified. i’ve traveled a lot, so i know my way around airports and cities and stuff like that. but never alone. bluh.

st. patrick’s day went off like a small roman candle. the weather was perfect and everyone was enthused, but a lot of people mysteriously decided to go to class and not just take the day off to lounge on our outdoor-living room. folly! still, we all got delightfully tipsy and threw a day-long party. taking the speakers outdoors to “rock the block,” as they say, is always a special time. too bad our basketball team lost. i kept playing the fight song, doing my best to cheer everyone on/up. i couldn’t watch the end though – too nervy. instead, i watched the reactions of the 50+ people stuffed in our living room. it was similarly invigorating/disappointing.

i don’t know why i’ve stopped updating so often. i think i’ve internalized more of my reactions in the past year, or only spoken them to emily. when i had more close friends around i guess it made more sense to spew forth my verbal nonsense all over the internet. for some reason.

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