i’ve been in madison a week now, maybe i’m officially a resident. i know my way around a little bit. i can get to barnes and noble, the verona library and epic. i could probably get downtown if someone forced me to with a cattle prod.

overall, i’m comfortable and overwhelmed. not a mixture of the two, no, i am either 100% comfortable or 100% overwhelmed at any given point in time. it’s exhilirating/awful.

my apartment is vast and empty, which isn’t as awesome as it sounds. i lack a couch and a mattress, meaning i’ve created a nest against the west wall with a sleeping bag and some pillows. i have one folding chair, which i’ve been reading in on the porch. there’s a reason why i spent four nights in a row watching the sunset from the pool and it wasn’t necessarily the sunset.

at least now i have internet. seriously though, this feels like i’ve upgraded from third to second world. i can much more effectively waste the few hours i have not occupied by work. thanks charter! also thanks for taking my $30 hard-earned dollars every month. also thanks: health and dental insurance that (right now) seem like a huge waste of money considering my robust constitution. i have been the urgent care once in the past few years. i havent seen a real physician in ten years maybe. $43 a month for “peace of mind” says dad. pshhhhhhh. doesn’t he know i’m invincible? some father. ha!

epic itself is almost as vast as my apartment, but filled with little drab offices and odd pieces of art. i am tentatively enjoying my time there, i think. the early orientation jitters have lifted and i’m feeling like there is a job somewhere in the organization that i might be able to do. what that job is, i have no clue. i sat in on a non-required writer meeting today. one writer discoursed on what basically sounded like developer work, while some others presented on how to self-edit and maintain conciseness. so maybe i will be writing?

i think i’ve been stressed, secretly. i am agitated right now, but that’s probably because i willfully skipped a “wine and snacks” night in my apartment complex because i’m terrified of meeting new people. it’s safe to say i’m a little out of my element. i also have a canker sore on my lip that is almost as vast and gaping as the view of my apartment from the patio.

i don’t think madison is going to kill me, but i’ll probably go a little crazy. eh.

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  1. June 12, 2011 at 3:20 pm

    Damn I forget that some people have to pay for healthcare. I just walk in and out of the health center with no questions asked.

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