last week was one of the longest of my life. this week, though, seems like the days remembered how to fly by. it’s practically the weekend again! when my work time is not composed of a regimented series of classes, but instead an eight hour block of more or less free time, 5pm arrives with surprising alacrity.

much of my time spent grocery shopping for bleu haus involved my quiet wishing that i could purchase healthier, more expensive items. now, with all the funds in the world to be wasted on absurdly priced olives and cheese, i find myself bored at the grocery store. i guess i got used to pushing around an overflowing shopping cart. anything less seems hardly worthwhile. staring down the long aisles today, i realized that all i really wanted were condiments. relish, good mustard, soy sauce, etc. hardly a productive excursion.

with all of these new experiences, i can’t help but want to relate them to emily every waking moment of my day. therefore, it physically hurts that some days the most we can achieve is a spare handful of text messages. i miss her so much.

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