i wonder if this is what being manic feels like. i swing from deeply sad to abundantly overjoyed and i can never quite figure out why.

due date is kind of a funny movie.

i made dinner solely from vegetables i bought at the farmers market on saturday. other than the sandwich, i guess, but i needed some prote.

my parents were here for the weekend. the apartment looks like a place a person might live. fully furnished, framed shit on the walls, freshly vacuumed and wiped down. maybe that’s why i feel weird. when my mom and dad are around there’s a whirlwind of shit getting done. this means that i spent the weekend watching shit get done. it was highly productive.

crysis: warhead was a lame sequel that merely recycled the storyline of the first game but shittier and with less actual story.

super 8 was amazing. maybe i’ll write more about that sometime. probably not, but maybe.

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