figured i should save this somewhere better than facebook. it’s probably my most-detailed dream memory ever. all the “you” are nick.

here’s the dream i had this morning: ian and i went to visit you in chicago. somehow, you’re house was on a big marshy lake, with a dock that went way out into the water and was submerged by waves most of the time. you and ian were setting up the canoe, even though it was around midnight. i went back in the house to change into a swimsuit (wouldn’t want my cords to get wet) and in your room (which had like three beds and futon), i met your cool black roommate and some guy who looked like phill. then i tried to go change in the bathroom, but instead of a door, the room had big plastic sheets separating everything and i got all caught up in them and almost stumbled on a girl peeing. but, magically, i managed to change. i then tried to get back downstairs, meeting more people and finding your house’s collection of rare feminine cleansing devices. “is that a bidet?” i asked. “no,” a random girl replied, “it’s for girls…you know.” she circled her crotch and grinned. i almost made it back outside before i remembered that i needed to wear sneakers, so i ran back up to your room, finding even more people trying to go to sleep, and then back downstairs into the huge, stone common room at the bottom level of the house. there was a vast pile of charcoal in the middle of the room, and a forge-like thing off to the side. apparently, the entire house (which looked pretty modern upstairs) was heated by this middle age fireplace. i accidentally dropped my sneakers in a pile of coal and when i went to pick them up, the coal started spitting out globs of tar. i got a glob in my mouth, so i ran outside to the lake to wash my mouth out. it tasted horrible, salty and metallic. i got to the dock, which was submerged even further, and jammed my head underwater, rubbing around the inside of my mouth to get all the tar out. when i surfaced again, i noticed that the tar glob was actually a tiny, dead, black frog. then i saw that the canoe was gone and that i had missed the canoe trip–but wait! there were a few canoes on the horizon, coming back to shore. you and ian merrily waved at me from one and some other people shouted from the others. the best moment of the dream, though, was that jason was pulling all the canoes into shore. just wandering through the marshy pond, a handful of ropes in his fist, tugging you guys around in your canoes. he grinned at me: “hey, cody.” then i woke up

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