Find Your Passion

I watched a video about living the life you want to live, etc. You know, crap about how you can get everything you want and need out of just appreciating every moment and seizing every day. Suffice it to say, I’ve been living like that ever since I can remember, so I was fairly unchanged by the melodramatic, hipster overtones of the video. Minus my dull occupation and the overall necessity for money, I’d say I’m doing pretty well at making every moment count.

Wait wait wait, that’s not true. I’m doing pretty well at making several moments count each day. And really? I’ll be damned if that’s not the most we can ask for. Even if we’re in that video, living some Brooklyn hipster dream life of bikes, art, and craft beer, there have got to be a handful of tense days when money is short, the bike is in the shop, and the beard is just too full. We can’t savor every moment because every moment would be the same. Right? It’s the reason why rich people are depressed. When you can have everything, nothing is special.

This isn’t to say I don’t try my hardest to wring every drop of use out of the day. In fact, it’s practically an obsession for me. But I’ll freely admit that I rarely live up to my hopes. And I think that’s ok sometimes. What these “live the life you want to live” mantras should focus on isn’t trying to seize every moment, but figuring out what you’re passionate about. I think that’s where most people really struggle. How can you seize every moment when you don’t know what to do with them?

I would argue that everyone needs to find their passion. Coasting along, taking life as it comes, can only last a person so long. Eventually the real world hits and then what? Fortunately, you can be passionate about anything. Really, choose an activity, choose a discipline, choose a noun for god’s sake. You can be passionate about it. If someone came up to me and asked me right now, “What are you passionate about?” I wouldn’t hesitate to answer “Maps.” If I thought a little harder I might add “Star Wars, reading, making lists, being obsessive about shit.” See? Passion is the easy part. I think everyone should find that first. Then we can work on seizing the day.

This piece was culled from an older xanga post. Imperfect perhaps, really just a collection of thoughts sewn together well past midnight, but I think it raises a few good points. Maybe someday I’ll revisit the passion idea, because it is, after all, something I am passionate about.

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