The Singer Mondana and The Red Umbrella – Giovanni Boldini

Another pair of pieces by Boldini, again wonderfully bright and full of motion. The Singer Mondana focuses closely on the singer and the piano, leaving the rest of the scene to the imagination of the viewer. But it’s not difficult to fill in the blanks – a raucous music hall, packed with animated patrons. I’m more curious about the singer, though. What’s she leaning behind the piano to look at?

The Red Umbrella contains a less obvious story, but I really appreciate when a painting’s title reveals a crucial aspect of the artwork that I might have missed.

The Singer Mondana The Red Umbrella

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  1. anonymous
    March 18, 2013 at 8:57 am

    Maybe she’s looking at the music. Almost looks like she is conducting, possibly just keeping time.

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