Woman On the Balcony Above Me, On the Phone, Teaching Someone How to Google Search

“Okay, so the box, that’s where you type in Northshore Bank.”

“Yes, on the Google main page. Are you on the Google main page?”

“Okay, click Google up in the corner there, I think you already searched.”

“On the main page now? It should say Google and have a box in the middle.”

“Good, okay, type Northshore into that box.”

“Just put the cursor in the box and click, and then start typing.”

“No, you don’t have to type anything else, we just want to find the bank. The search results will have more for you to choose from.”

“Did you search?”

“Click Go or Search or whatever it says.”

“Yes, you can use the keyboard too. Hit Enter.”

“Okay, you should be on the search results page now. Do you see a list of websites?”

“Well, those are all just links. The blue words are links, those are what you need to click. Don’t click anything yet, though, did you type in Northshore right?”

“Do you see Northshore Bank? It should be at the top.”

“Okay, there’s a search bar at the top of this page too, try typing Northshore Bank in there, including the ‘bank’ this time.”

“The search bar is the box. Put your cursor in the box, click, and type Northshore Bank.”

“Yes, hit Enter.”

“Okay, did it load? Do you see the bank now?”

“There might be a few links and some description.”

“Yeah, that’s just telling you what the site is, you don’t have to read it. Click the link.”

“The biggest blue one is the link. The blue words.”

“Did it load? Are you on the Northshore Bank website?”

“Okay, good. Let’s log in.”

  1 comment for “Woman On the Balcony Above Me, On the Phone, Teaching Someone How to Google Search

  1. MOM
    May 20, 2013 at 5:14 pm

    She must be teaching someone over 80 years old or under 4 – hilarious!

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