Star Trek Into Darkness – Haiku Review

I missed you, lens flare

A thousand tiny strobe lights

For every scene


Hoped Kirk’s demotion

Would result in comedy

Uh-oh, back to school!


Someone teach these guys

There’s more to acting than just

Yelling and gnashing


When they shout, you could

Play on their taut neck muscles

Like a steel guitar


I could go ten years

Without seeing explosions

Still be sick of them


Classic inside jokes

Redshirts, damn it Jim, tribbles

So much nerd laughter


No exposition

Just go go go BOOM go go

Go BOOM go go BOOM


Invincible foe

Except for Spock’s uppercut

Vulcan knockout punch


Film’s a great intro

To deus ex machina

Film student moment


Many people died

Like, seriously millions

Kinda glossed over


They never explained

The whole “Into Darkness” thing

Very well lit film


BONUS CONTENT: Oblivion Haiku Review

Wow, what a mindfuck

Such a beautiful movie

Too many ideas


If Tom Cruise could just

Run and shoot things forever

Life would be perfect

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