Man of Steel – Haiku Review

Man of Steel, more like

Man of incalculable

Property damage


Fishin’, bartendin’,

Supe’s just a regular guy!

Who strings up semis


First time I’ve felt like

Superman has emotions

Not invincible


Don’t expect fun times

More explosions than humor

No bumbling Clark


Thrilling action scenes

Zack Snyder’s got that part down

Mom said “Oh my god!”


Kryptonite not missed

Real villains with real issues

Well, real-ish, I guess


Sci fi heavy tale

Like watching Star Trek again

But more people die


Clark and Lois meet cute

In a graveyard, discussing

How Clark watched Pa die


Later, they hold hands

Can you feel the love tonight

What a fairy tale


I’m joking, of course

Love story was terrible

Not that it mattered


End battle goes on

And on and on and on and

Not complaining though


Buildings collapsing

That’s now exciting to us?

It still feels too soon


I can’t help thinking:

Millions of innocents,



Maybe that will be

An issue for the sequel

Class action lawsuit


In the end, we find

Superman’s great enemy

Was just gravity

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  1. anonymously
    June 21, 2013 at 4:07 pm

    Excellent review!

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