World War Z – Haiku Review

Great tour of the world

Even if it’s all on fire

And swamped with undead


Action kicks right in

Seat-gripping from the get-go

The pulse, how she pounds


First hour and a half

Like white lightning, fast and nuts

Then so slow and meh


Finding the vaccine

Such a dull way to end things

Need blaze of glory


Sure, not like the book

But the book doesn’t translate

To the silver screen


One main character

Much easier to follow

Plus, means more Brad Pitt!


I’d like him to solve

My zombie apocalypse

What a dreamy hunk


Decent actor too

Although, who wants acting when

Zombs need slaughtering?


Undead uprising

Thwarted more through Pitt’s pure luck

Than any one skill


He does dress a wound

And shoot some undead, but still

No one-man army


Parts reminded me

Of Children of Men – high praise!

Best apocalypse


When the film is done

You’ll look over your shoulder

Walk a bit faster


It does make you think:

Would I survive the undead?

Def buying an axe

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