American Hustle – Haiku Review


Intense actors going ham

Hard to catch a breath


Bale especially

As a slouching, fat con man

Sinks into his role


Cooper talks fastest

Chews scenery with vigor

Gots the crazy eyes


Adams wins with range

Ecstatic joy to despair

Drama in person


Lawrence gets the laughs

Such a natural charmer

Dumb blonde with panache


Women combined

Could out-crazy Gaddhafi

Reckless emotion


Artful crazy though!

No lack of quiet moments

And intelligence


These are smart people

Stuck in a situation

Where ambition wins


Down the rabbit hole

You wonder how it will end

Or when it will end


Deeper and deeper

Short cons wrapped up in long cons

Love affairs galore


It’s funny as hell

In a very tragic way

The Greeks would approve


Can’t really quibble

Three narrators might be much

Lawrence seems too young


Overall: So good

Just a solid piece of film

Oscars are assured


And if you want skin

You’ll find it in abundance

Ladies almost nude


Kind of a problem:

My eyes went straight to the boobs

Much to my chagrin


Amazing acting

Stellar, award-winning roles

I’m staring at tits

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