Blue Jasmine – Haiku Review

The perfect movie

If you desire Cate Blanchett

Looking real haggard


Cate’s perfect drunk face

Is a skillfully sculpted

Snarling gargoyle


I would describe her

For the film’s majority

As “oozing disdain”



Might be a better title

Cate changes drastically


It’s two roles, one film

Jasmine the ignorant rich

Jasmine the sad drunk


Both played with panache

But what about the story?

Eh, it’s good enough


Some far-fetched plot points:

How many rich layabouts

Can’t use computers?


Three wry jokes away

From romantic comedy

Kinda wanted that


But no, realism reigns

No time for happy endings

Classic bleak Woody


Perfect pacing, though

Awkward scenes just long enough

Only mild squirming


I could identify

With the freefall of losing

Money and status


Couldn’t identify

With the bullish obstinance

Refusing to change


Then again, I too

Assume that to become rich

Need to marry rich


My true goal in life?

Snag a beautiful heiress

Live as arm candy


If I grew used to

A life of endless leisure

Could I not go back?

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