Paul Cadmus – Fantasia on a Theme by Dr S

Occasionally, I’ll unexpectedly find myself appreciating strange art, and Paul Cadmus’s painting is awfully strange in a viscerally eye-catching way. The colors and figures pop from the canvas like a 3D image. Honestly, the painting is disgusting in the same manner that films by John Waters are unsettling. It’s got almost a kitsch air about it. Fascinating how something that immediately repulses can be strangely mesmerizing. Even more interesting is how something like this really can have the “deeper meaning” that art professors drone on about. – the Dr S in the title refers to the psychologist who came up with the endomorph, ectomorph, and mesomorph classifications. As you might then imagine, each of the three characters in the painting represents one of those classifications – with the artist himself painted in as an awkward, observant ectomorph. Nifty!

Fantasia on a Theme by Dr SFind more Paul Cadmus works here and here.

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