Nebraska – Haiku Review

On an epic quest

To find pretend winnings and

An air compressor


Woody looks like my

Relatives in thirty years

Highly unnerving


Family of owls

Really, they all look like birds

A strange casting choice


Fiesty grandmas and

And incoherent old men

Sure-fire Oscar wins


These actors are great

I wonder where they found them

Funeral parlors?


Secretly wonder

If this is based on Shakespeare

King Lear on the farm


The soundtrack recalls

Little Miss Sunshine – peppy

An odd disconnect


Landscape would be gray

Even without black and white

Midwest is ugly


By the halfway point

I’m desperate for color

Black and white not needed


Half the shots are stills:

Vacant countryside, small towns

Aimless locals


If you like dive bars

Or enjoy heavy drinking

Head to Nebraska


It’s all very quaint

But a fierce reminder too:

That life would kill me


If Woody were kin

Wouldn’t indulge in his quest

I would put him down


If I end up in

Middle America

Please just put me down


If I find myself

Unsteady and forgetful

Please just put me down


If conversations

Revolve solely around cars

Please just put me down


If I end up as

A saucy old grandmother

That would be just fine


Nebraska’s true theme:

Just enjoy the simple things

Like senility

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