Philomena – Haiku Review

Sad sack Englishman

Dame Judi Dench being old

Sure-fire Oscar wins


Grump and old woman

On a road trip through the States

Almost Guilt Trip II!


Such lively music

For breach births, missing children,

Girls becoming slaves


Oof, Catholic church

This was quite the travesty

Really should think twice


Why are nuns so stern?

Even the non-baby thieves

God loves a grimace?


Can’t picture Dame Judes

As a fretful simpleton

Mourning a lost child


She’s M or a queen

Any commanding lady

Typecasting victim


Steve Coogan’s Martin

Delightful English stuffed shirt

Tedious role, though


Must learn his lesson

Faith, forgiveness above all

Quit being a grump


No lesson for Phil

Pre-marital sex still sin

Church still the bee’s knees


It’s disappointing

In a film with many twists

None for characters


The twists are fun though

Even when quite obvious

Such as: Nuns still cruel


But too much longing

Enough stares of quiet sadness

To fill ten movies


Overall: Too pat

Wouldn’t have stood out in March

Just Oscar bait fluff

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